Request Escort

Who can request an escort?

Anyone that considers themselves a vulnerable asian. Priority will go to the elderly.


  • We are not a security firm.

  • We will not handle money.

  • We will attempt to communicate which person will meet you.

  • Upon meeting in a non-public place, volunteer will send photo of escortees ID and escortee will both send photo of volunteer's ID to our email:

  • We are not a delivery service.

  • We expect you to not put us in unreasonably dangerous situations.

  • All of us are volunteers, we expect you to be considerate of our time.

  • We will report any illegal activity.

how do I request a safety escort?

Option 1 - Phone

Call us at ‪(651) 337-Nine Two Fife Eight

Option 2 - Request form (Preferred)